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Project Deliverables

Survey in English, French, ASL, LSQ, paper-based and web-based

To gain an understanding of the existing learning environment for Canadians who are hard of hearing, deafened, or deaf (technology use and proficiency, learning goals, barriers to meeting goals). Available in English and French and via multiple delivery methods to reduce barriers to the target audience of learners and to reach a broad audience geographically and linguistically.

List of high schools and boards for survey

For effective deployment of the survey. To form the basis of the Inclusive Learning Connection.

Results of survey, Survey Analysis Report

To identify and evaluate barriers to learning and to accessing education delivery systems for individuals who are deaf, deafened, and hard of hearing within Canada.

Background documents for Guideline Working Group

To provide relevant data, analysis, and framework as a basis for developing guidelines.

Learning Technology Guidelines

To provide a consensus-based set of learning technology guidelines based on an analysis of field data and input for all stakeholders, so that education providers can implement solutions with a high level of confidence in success.

White papers, press releases

To promote the adoption of the guidelines by standards bodies, developers, funding agencies and education providers.

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